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  • Ficazzana Vase

Ficazzana Vase


The display of this flattering handcrafted vase will bring a hint of Sicilian folklore into any refined indoor or outdoor context. Crafted of fine ceramic glazed in matte white, its anthropomorphic silhouette was inspired by a Sicilian street vendor of figs ("la ficazzana" in Sicilian dialect), its design featuring meticolously shaped and painted purple figs arranged in a crown right around the rim and juxtaposed to another fig adorning the green lips.


Patrizia is an internationally renowned Sicilian ceramist. Driven by her passion for clay and the sea, her pieces embody elements of nature and everyday life in Sicily, reinterpreted in novel and creative ways. Based between Palermo and Filicudi, one of the six islands in the Aeolian archipelago, Patrizia draws inspiration from Sicily’s bucolic landscapes, vibrant history, and diverse people to create her sublime sculptures. Starting ceramics at a young age, Patrizia has had solo exhibitions in Milan, New York, Tokyo, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries worldwide.


Handmade Ceramic

Terracotta and white clay

Hand Glazed in matte

Size : W20cmxH27cm

Please note that all head vases are made by hand, and therefore there may be some differences in each unique piece. Ki

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