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How it All BEGAN...


I am Julia, Founder of House of Flair - I grew up in Paris, surrounded by the Art de La Table à la Française.

From France, I then moved to London before finally settling in Dubai, working in a totally different field. I was surprised that Dubai reminded me so much of my childhood vacations in south of France, beautiful evenings under the stars in a garden and facing the sea with good food, music and  people coming from all the over the World, stretching into the night.

In 2021, I was back in Europe for the summer. As I wandered through a famous ceramic factory in South of France, weaving past the colorful bowls, I had an idea - I wanted to bring these beautiful ceramics to Dubai, introducing a part of my heritage and passion to my new home.

However, this quickly became tricky. Each piece is handmade and hand-painted by only five small, family-run workshops, and they had never exported their creations outside of Europe before. Steeped in tradition, the creations couldn’t be further from today’s slick, plasticky mass-production - which is why I loved them so much. They decided to embark on this adventure with me, and so House of Flair began.

Now I am proud to be working with more than 15 worldwide artisans from 12 countries and giving a new lease of life to the traditional craftsmanship. And in doing so, I hope our House of Flair extended family can bring the same joy, color and pattern to your home.

With Love,

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