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  • Light Green Taper Candles 35cm - 4 per gift box
  • Light Green Taper Candles 35cm - 4 per gift box

Light Green Taper Candles 35cm - 4 per gift box


Elegant colored smokeless, dripless candles made artisanly in Danemark to the highest standards. Add a warm ambience to any setting with the use of these beautiful colored tapered candles, available in a wide variety of colors and in two sizes.


Sold in sets of 4 candles in a box.


Good advice on using candles is simple. To get the most out of your lights, you can follow these five good tips.

1. Always cut the wick to just under 1 cm before lighting the candle. Your candle burns longer with a shorter wick and you prevent it from starting to ooze.

2. Feel free to turn off the light by dipping the wick into the liquid light mass. Then you avoid us and you get a light that is easy to light the next time you need it.

3. Candles with a diameter of 8.5 cm and above must be "fitted" - i.e. you must either press the edge into the flame or trim it - both parts within a few minutes after you have extinguished the candle, where the light is still soft. You can let a candle of 10.5 cm burn down with an edge, so you get a beautiful lantern. However, the light may start to flicker because the flame lacks oxygen when it reaches some distance into the light. It can be minimized by making two or more holes in the side of the light next to the wall.

4. Never plug the candle in - it will either burn crooked, run or both.

5. Never use an outdoor light inside. Outdoor lights must also not be used in lanterns, even if these are outside - an indoor light is also used here. Outdoor lights are only used outdoors.

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